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Check out Chloe Skyy and Ray Edwards from True Amateur Models! Chloe did very well with the amateur nude modeling, and after I finished shooting the modeling pictures, she wanted to do another handjob scene! She played with my cock the last time we had a shoot, and she just wanted to squeeze and jerk on it again. You see, The thing is – Chloe thinks it’s so much fun to squeeze and rub all over my cock until the semen squirts out. I don’t know. I just remember her telling me at the shoot something about how it’s fun to watch the cum squirt out, and that it makes her feel good, or something along those lines. Of course, I would have fucked her pussy, but Chloe told me that she, unfortunately, isn’t on any form of birth control. It seems like most chicks are on it, but I do run across a few here and there that are not, so I am always careful when it comes to that.

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However, as you can see, Chloe did very well with jerking and squeezing all over that big, thick, and throbbing dick in front of her happy and smiling face! And when it came time to blow my load, I just jerked off and squirted a cumshot across her butt cheeks! I suppose I should have shot a load onto her smiling face, but if we hook back up again to shoot, I will ask her about giving her a cumshot facial.