Nude Black Girl Modeling – Maya from True Amateur Models

Name: Maya from
Age: 21
Height: 5′ 03
Employment: Customer Service Representative
Pictures: 716 High-Resolution Pictures – More Coming!

My name is Maya and I am 21 years old. I am a very amateur girl that enjoys riding my bike and reading. In fact, I was out riding my bike the other day when I came into contact with a nude model photographer. At first, we were talking about my bike, but then the conversation quickly progressed into amateur nude modeling! I’ve never modeled nude before, so I wasn’t sure why he wanted to shoot me, but he told me that he specializes in shooting amateur girls that have never modeled nude before! It all seemed so fun and interesting to me, and I know that I am comfortable with my body. Not to mention, I’m always looking for fun and daring things to do! So yeah, I was pretty interested! As we continued talking about his amateur nude modeling shoots, he showed me his website. I was completely blown away! I had no idea that this guy had already shot nearly 300 girls modeling nude! And as far as me, I have a total amount of 716 high-resolution pictures on the website!

Viewing the site, along with seeing how many other girls he had shot really made feel comfortable with setting up a shoot, so I actually went right back to my apartment THAT SAME DAY and did the modeling shoot! So yeah, what you see are REAL pictures of me stripping and modeling nude that was taken on that particular day and approximately 45 minutes after the guy started talking to me about his shoots! That doesn’t surprise me at all though, because I’ve always been a very spontaneous person! I’m glad that I did the modeling shoot, and I also told him that if he ever wants to shoot again, I am definitely available for future shoots! Not to mention, he also gave me a lot of nice modeling pictures after the shoot, so I can keep these pictures for a very long time!

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