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Hey guys! My name is Morgan Mc. and I am a brand new model on the True Amateur Models Website! I once knew a girl that tried nude modeling, but as far as me personally, I’ve never done any nude modeling at all. I am most definitely what you would call an amateur girl. That’s for sure. But the amateur modeling was a lot of fun, and Ray was also very professional with his approach when he met me at the park, as well as at the modeling shoot. I really enjoyed shooting and I had a great time! I was out walking my dog in the park because he wouldn’t stop barking at home, and while I was walking through the park, that’s when I met the nude model photographer and owner of the website True Amateur Models!


There was a bench near the park restrooms and that’s where Ray was sitting. He started talking to me about different types of music, movies – small talk stuff. It didn’t take very long before he started discussing nude modeling with me. I consider myself to be a pretty adventurous type of girl, and since nudity doesn’t make me uncomfortable, I decided that I would try a nude modeling shoot! And besides, it makes me horny thinking about all of the guys that will be looking at my nude modeling pictures – and possibly even jerking their dicks!

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My name is Katie and I am 26 years old. The modeling shoot was a lot of fun, and just so that you all know, I am a very amateur girl and I’ve never done any nude modeling before, so this was definitely an interesting experience for me! As far as how I became a model for the True Amateur Models website, I came into contact with the photographer of the website, and as I was browsing through the women’s clothing at a department store the other day, this guy just walked up to me and started talking to me! I mean, he seemed nice and all, so I really didn’t mind, but when he started talking to me about nude modeling, I really didn’t know exactly what to say! I’ve never been in that type of situation before, but after thinking it over, I decided to do amateur nude modeling!


I’m also looking forward to shooting for the website some more, so I’ll be sure to let Ray know the next time I come to Florida! I am currently a resident of Missouri, but I go to Florida quite often to visit with family and friends. But yeah, the shoot was indeed a lot of fun and I am glad that I now have a bunch of nude pictures of me that I can save for a long time! I am also very happy with how the pictures turned out. There was also a modeling video that was recorded at the shoot, and I am sure that it will be uploaded sometime soon, so I hope that all of you enjoy it! I also hope that you all enjoy my nude modeling pictures and be sure to watch out for more coming!