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Believe me – this cute and adorable 19 year old teen sweetheart is very good at giving a blowjob! It felt so good for her to wrap her warm and wet lips around the shaft of my hard and throbbing cock as I held the camera above her head in order to shoot some nice POV blowjob pictures. I could have pulled my pulsating dick out of Daisy’s mouth and squirted the cum across her pretty face, but she told me to cum inside of her mouth.

I just remember her telling me something about how she was going to go to the movie theater with her friend, Samantha, later that evening – so she didn’t want her makeup to be all fucked up as a result of my cum squirting all over it. I can understand that. I mean, even though I am a male, I understand that it can indeed take time for girls to get their makeup just right – and they want it to look nice, you know? So yeah, I just released that cumshot right inside of Daisy’s wet and warm mouth instead of delivering a cumshot facial. It also felt really nice holding her in my arms and making out with her. Daisy’s luscious lips are so delicious to kiss and it felt really nice to hold her close to me and to caress her in my arms.

Although at the time, I did not realize that little Daisy ended up getting her makeup on my face, so you will see a bit of makeup on my face in the pictures – lol – but that’s okay. We also recorded a blowjob video, so be sure to watch out for that! Daisy Bean has 796 high-resolution images on the True Amateur Models website and I have more pictures of Daisy that I will be adding soon!

My little friend Daisy and I are also planning on recording a fuck video at some point in time, so be sure to watch out for much more content coming from this cute and adorable teen babe! Hope that you all enjoy these blowjob images – featuring Daisy Bean and Ray Edwards from True Amateur Models!

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