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Introducing, Tifa Quinn and Ray Edwards from True Amateur Models! When this petite and cute little chick hit me up on social media letting me know that she would love to be a model on the True Amateur Models site, as well as asking if there was any possible way we could hook up with each other, I told her that she has a look would do well on the site and that I would love to shoot her! But you see, she doesn’t live anywhere near my local area, so what did she do? My little friend hopped up on an airplane and flew from Texas to Florida so that she could meet up with me to shoot! However, in the particular images below, instead of watching Tifa Quinn model nude and look sexy by getting into a bunch of modeling poses, you will see a very hard and throbbing dick that just continues to slide right in and out of her mouth – again, and again, and again.

And on top of that, she sucks my cock in all sorts of different ways. I remember when she was down on the floor and sucking my dick, I looked down and saw that cute little pink skirt and I immediately started thinking about the smell of her asshole, so I asked my little friend if it would be cool if she could just hop up on the bed and bend completely over so that I could get down on my knees, lift up that cute pink skirt, and just take a couple of minutes to inhale the scent from her ass, which by the way, was really making my dick throb and become extremely erect.

And with those wet and warm vagina lips wrapped – HARD AS FUCK – around the shaft of my cock, I just figured – fuck it, and allowed the cum to just squirt right the fuck up inside of her pussy instead of pulling my dick out – which was cool, because Tifa wanted me to cum in her pussy anyway. However, that is on the – SEX VIDEO – that we recorded, so be sure to check out the site for ALL of Tifa Quinn’s nude modeling photos, hardcore image sets, and her sex video with Ray Edwards from True Amateur Models!

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A saleswoman knocked on my door and introduced herself to me as Alyse. She was selling some sort of computer device, and once she came in and noticed the photography lights, she would not stop asking questions about my modeling shoots! To make a long story short, she ended up doing her own modeling shoot, and after her modeling shoot, I gave her oral sex on her pussy and licked her asshole when she shoved it all up in my face.

The photos below will show you large and high-resolution modeling pictures of a 100% real amateur woman modeling nude! I really enjoyed eating Alyse’s pussy because I genuinely enjoy making the girls feel good when they come over to shoot. And that really is the truth. However, on the other hand, I also greatly enjoy eating pussy too!

It was also nice to hold Alyse in my arms and kiss her lips while we both made out with each other before the blowjob action. I sure love making out with my girls – and they really seem to enjoy it as well. After Alyse sucked my cock for several minutes, I stood up and inserted that stiff and thick dick right inside her mouth.

I remember, after about 5 minutes, she kept her head still and stopped sucking my cock while I fucked her mouth a few times. However, the best part was when she would just slowly suck the shaft of my cock – up and down – with her wet mouth. In fact, as a result of her sucking it that way, that’s how I blew my load inside her mouth. And what about that thick-looking amateur ass on this sexy Latina babe?

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Heyyy! What’s up? My name is Tifa Quinn and I am so excited to be on the Trueamateurmodels.com site! Ray Edwards and I met each other on social media. As soon as I saw his website, I instantly wanted to shoot with him! I love the nude modeling pics that he shoots, and the hardcore scenes are so hot! I have actually done a few things here and there, as far as shooting with other producers, but I still consider myself to be pretty amateur, along with being the girl next door type. I just really wanted to shoot for the True Amateur Models site since I have always enjoyed the site ever since the first time I saw it, so I hit up Ray Edwards one day and we both hooked up to shoot! I flew all the way from Texas to meet and shoot with Ray Edwards in Florida, and I had a great time at the shoot! I mean, seriously – it was a lot of fun, and I cannot wait to get back together with Ray to do some more shooting!

I am 19 years old and I like to wear my hair in pigtails a lot of times, just cause I like that particular style, and I also like the color Blue and the color Pink a lot, so I wear a lot of clothing with those colors because those are my favorite colors. The nude modeling shoot was such a cool experience, and I love how my pics turned out from the shoot! I also modeled with Ray’s electric guitar and his bass guitar. That was so freaking cool too because I love metal music and I also love going to shows! Ray also showed me how to play the guitar in his bedroom. That was when the sex happened. We recorded a sex video in his bedroom and I also sucked his dick! I wanted to do nude modeling, but something else that I really wanted to do was get fucked at the shoot by Ray because I already knew that he shoots that kind of stuff cause I saw it on his website. I didn’t want to be one of the models who were doing nothing more than nude modeling ….cause I wanted to go all the way! – hehe 🙂

Be sure to watch out for my sex video! Ray also took some pictures of his dick in my mouth, so be sure to watch out for the blowjob pics too! It was so much fun being down on my knees and seeing that cock all throbbing around up in my face and stuff, and when Ray fucked me in my pussy after I sucked his cock, he came in me. As far as my hobbies, and what I like to do with my free time – I like to read horror books, I am very much into – “old school” – movies and music a lot – (80s and 90’s heavy metal, mostly) – and I also like to hang out with my friends. I like to go online a lot – (obviously) – and I also enjoy watching scary movies. I like the older ones the best though – Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th, Halloween, Prom Night, A Nightmare On Elm Street, etc. I also like a lot of Rob Zombie’s movies quite a bit.

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Would you like to see some modeling pictures of this hot blonde Ukrainian babe? And how about some pictures of her jerking and squeezing the sperm right out of that hard dick? The couple that you see in the pictures below are Anna Kovachenko and Ray Edwards from Trueamateurmodels.com. You’ll see Anna getting into all sorts of nude poses and modeling positions, and you’ll also see that big cock being jerked all around with her tightly-gripped and sticky hand! Boy, I’ll tell ya one damn thing, my cute little blonde friend sure DRAINED me dry. That’s for damn sure.

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Cute Mexican Girl With Braces Modeling Nude With Electric Guitar – Blanca from True Amateur Models

My name is Blanca and I am 21 years old. I have a lot of hobbies, so it’s kinda hard to say what my favorite thing to do is, but I like going out to nightclubs and I also like going out to dinner at various restaurants. In fact, I work at a restaurant and that’s how I met Ray Edwards from the True Amateur Models website! I was at work the other night, and I was assigned a particular table, so when I walked out there to introduce myself to the customer, I saw Ray sitting there at the table sipping on an alcoholic beverage that he purchased over at the bar. I remember when I walked over and introduced myself, he talked a little about the food and the drink that he was drinking, and when I came back a second time to take his order, I noticed that he had a huge tattoo across her left arm! It looked pretty cool and it had a bunch of letters that spelled out something, so I asked him about it. He told me that the tattoo was the name of his nude modeling website, True Amateur Models.

He explained to me that he specializes in shooting amateur girls modeling nude and that he works as a model photographer and male porn performer! I asked him if I could look at the website on my phone, so I typed in the URL and – OMG! I remember thinking to myself, there were a lot of amateur girls on there! There were literally HUNDREDS of girls on the website! Heck, this guy must be legit, right? So I actually felt comfortable doing the nude modeling shoot. The shoot turned out really great and I love how my nude modeling pictures turned out! He also also fucked me in his bedroom, but the pictures in this particular set of photos are the modeling pics that he shot that day.

However, the hardcore pics are on the True Amateur Models website so if you become a member, be sure to check them out – as well as the hardcore fuck video that we did too! The nude modeling was indeed homemade and amateur modeling, so I suppose I am a good fit for his website since I have never been on any other websites before. I hope that you all enjoy my amateur nude modeling pictures and be sure to watch out for more coming soon!

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What’s up, everybody? My name is Ashley and I work as the manager at one of the local vape shops here in New Port Richey, Florida. I am 35 years old and I have never modeled nude before. I just work at the vape shop so that I can pay my rent and bills, as well as split the income with my husband. Yes. I am married, but my husband didn’t mind me doing the shoot because I really wanted to do it and he could tell how much it meant to me. He’s a very understanding guy and I suppose that’s why we’ve been able to stay married for so long.

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I noticed Ray Edwards – (Owner of the True Amateur Models website) – in the vape shop looking through the vapes the other day. We just had a new vape come in and he was interested in purchasing it, but he had a couple of questions about it so I was happy to assist him.

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It was near closing time, and nobody else was in the store, so we had plenty of time to talk to each other about the vape and about his website too! I like to look at porn on my laptop quite often, and as soon as I saw Ray Edwards walk through the door, I instantly recognized him from the True Amateur Models website! Ray and I discussed the vape, and after that, I started asking him questions about his website because I wanted to know if I could be a nude model on the website!

He told me that I have a look that would work well with the website and that if I wanted to do a photo shoot, he would be happy to schedule me to come in sometime to do my own nude modeling shoot! I had such a nice time at the shoot and Ray is a super friendly guy. There’s just something about him that made me feel very comfortable at the modeling shoot. I guess you would need to know him to be able to relate to where I am coming from, but it was a super fun shoot! I have masturbated at home on my laptop looking at Ray’s thick cock several times in the past, so it was an extra bonus for me to be able to get fucked after the modeling shoot!

I couldn’t believe that the same big cock that I had been masturbating to was literally inside my pussy, so that was quite interesting, and I even had 2 orgasms too! I hope that you all enjoy my nude modeling pictures, and be sure to watch out for my hardcore sex pictures too!

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Amateur Girl With Tie Dye T-shirt, Jackie Hoff, Pulls Down Pants To Expose Her All Natural And Beautiful Hairy Bush!

My name is Jackie Hoff and I am 23 years of age. I work as a salesperson over at a clothing store, but they recently cut my hours back, so I’ve been kinda bored just sitting around the house lately. The other day, I decided to go out and just look around the local department store. I just like to walk around stores and browse through the items that interest me, and it also gives me something to do with my time until I start attending college. While I was walking around the store the other day, I met this guy named Ray Edwards and he told me that he was a model photographer and someone that works in the porn industry.


So we continued talking with one another, and a bit later on, he asked me if I would ever consider doing a nude modeling shoot! I politely explained to him that even though it was flattering that he wanted to shoot me, I really didn’t know him, and to be quite honest, I just didn’t feel comfortable going off with a stranger to remove my clothing. However, once I found out about the actual site that he shoots for, True Amateur Models, I felt extremely comfortable.

In fact, I actually went from the store and followed him directly to the modeling shoot! The shoot was a lot of fun too, and not only that, but I also jerked Ray’s Edward’s dick! I don’t know. I mean, getting naked and spreading my legs put me in a sexual and horny mood, but I didn’t want to take things too far. You see, I am currently not on any form of birth control and the time wasn’t exactly the best time to have sexual intercourse. I wanted to have sex, and perhaps the next time I will be open to doing that because I am supposed to be getting the birth control shot soon.

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Hi guys! My name is Elana Bunzz and I am 28 years old. I live in Miami, Florida and my hobbies are reading books and I enjoy riding my bicycle in the mornings. It’s a great way to start off your day! I also enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with friends! We have been getting quite a bit of rain here in Florida over the last several days, and I remember just the other day, the sun was shining so bright so I figured I’d ask my friend if she would like to go to the beach!




My friend and I were both laying out when we noticed a guy walk by. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary about that, but the guy was looking at the both of us – and before I knew it, he was walking over towards the both of us! He just came right on over and sat down beside my friend and me while we were both laying out! I thought he was a good looking guy, and since he seemed nice, I really didn’t mind talking to him, but my friend has a boyfriend so she just kinda kept to herself. However, she still engaged in the conversation at times. The guy turned out to be Ray Edwards, the model photographer, and owner of the True Amateur Models site!



Ray asked me if I would ever consider participating in a nude modeling shoot – and I gladly accepted the invitation to become one of his models! However, as you can see in the last several pictures in this gallery, nude modeling wasn’t the only thing that I wanted to do. I told Ray while he was shooting the modeling pictures that I am also interested in doing porn scenes for the True Amateur Models site



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My name is Kyla and I am 20 years old. I had a lot of fun at the nude modeling shoot! This was also the only time that I’ve ever modeled nude, so I am a very amateur girl with absolutely no experience at all. The weather here in Tampa, Florida is pretty warm at this time of the year, so I decided to call my friend to see if she would like to go out and do something. We both planned on going to the beach and then we would go over to the shopping mall and do some shopping for a while.

The beach was a lot of fun, but after a few hours, I really wanted to go to the shopping mall. Once we arrived at the shopping mall, we started walking around – basically just hanging out. I wanted to go inside a particular store, but my friend told me that she’d rather wait out on the bench until I was finished browsing around. I looked around the store, and after about 15 minutes, I walked back out into the mall area to see my friend. I noticed that there was a guy talking to her.

That guy was Ray Edwards, the photographer and male performer for the True Amateur Models site, and once I found out what they were talking about, I was pretty surprised! He was talking to my friend about modeling nude, but she politely told him that she wasn’t interested because she is married. Ray totally respected the fact that she was married, but of course, that’s when he started talking to me about nude modeling – and he asked me if I would be interested. My friend just laughed and told me that I should try it out!

You see, the only reason why my friend didn’t do the nude modeling was that she’s married, but she actually kinda wanted to do it. I am a single chick, and doing a nude modeling shoot sounded like a super cool idea! Ray gave me his cell phone number and I called him the very next day to see about scheduling the modeling shoot!

One thing that I noticed about Ray was that he was super professional about everything and actually – a total gentleman. You would never guess that coming from a porn star guy that shoots nude girls, but he really did make me feel very comfortable, and to be completely honest, I would have never done it if he seemed like a creepy type of guy.

I sure hope that you all enjoy my amateur nude modeling pictures, and be sure to watch out for my nude modeling video coming soon too!



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Hey guys! My name is Morgan Mc. and I am a brand new model on the True Amateur Models Website! I once knew a girl that tried nude modeling, but as far as me personally, I’ve never done any nude modeling at all. I am most definitely what you would call an amateur girl. That’s for sure. But the amateur modeling was a lot of fun, and Ray was also very professional with his approach when he met me at the park, as well as at the modeling shoot. I really enjoyed shooting and I had a great time! I was out walking my dog in the park because he wouldn’t stop barking at home, and while I was walking through the park, that’s when I met the nude model photographer and owner of the website True Amateur Models!


There was a bench near the park restrooms and that’s where Ray was sitting. He started talking to me about different types of music, movies – small talk stuff. It didn’t take very long before he started discussing nude modeling with me. I consider myself to be a pretty adventurous type of girl, and since nudity doesn’t make me uncomfortable, I decided that I would try a nude modeling shoot! And besides, it makes me horny thinking about all of the guys that will be looking at my nude modeling pictures – and possibly even jerking their dicks!

I hope that you all enjoy looking through my pictures, and be sure to click the link below for more free nude modeling pics of me!

On a side note – please let me know if you would like to shoot again Ray. I had a great time at the shoot and good luck with your website! I really like how a lot of the pictures turned out and I’m going to keep them for a long time! Take care, everybody, and watch out for more content coming from me!