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My name is Kyla and I am 20 years old. I had a lot of fun at the nude modeling shoot! This was also the only time that I’ve ever modeled nude, so I am a very amateur girl with absolutely no experience at all. The weather here in Tampa, Florida is pretty warm at this time of the year, so I decided to call my friend to see if she would like to go out and do something. We both planned on going to the beach and then we would go over to the shopping mall and do some shopping for a while.

The beach was a lot of fun, but after a few hours, I really wanted to go to the shopping mall. Once we arrived at the shopping mall, we started walking around – basically just hanging out. I wanted to go inside a particular store, but my friend told me that she’d rather wait out on the bench until I was finished browsing around. I looked around the store, and after about 15 minutes, I walked back out into the mall area to see my friend. I noticed that there was a guy talking to her.

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You see, the only reason why my friend didn’t do the nude modeling was that she’s married, but she actually kinda wanted to do it. I am a single chick, and doing a nude modeling shoot sounded like a super cool idea! Ray gave me his cell phone number and I called him the very next day to see about scheduling the modeling shoot!

One thing that I noticed about Ray was that he was super professional about everything and actually – a total gentleman. You would never guess that coming from a porn star guy that shoots nude girls, but he really did make me feel very comfortable, and to be completely honest, I would have never done it if he seemed like a creepy type of guy.

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