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Check out these porn pictures of Ashley sucking my cock and getting fucked! Ashley works as the manager at one of the local vape shops here in New Port Richey, Florida and that’s how I established contact with this amateur Redhead babe! My fucking vape fell on the ground and broke the other day while I was walking home from the gym, so I needed to head over to one of the local vape shops here in town to have it replaced. The shop was about to close, and I really wanted to check out what they had in stock, so I walked through the door, and as soon as I walked into the vape shop, I saw this cute Redhead babe standing behind the cash register. I noticed that she continued to literally stare at me as I was browsing through the store, so after a couple of minutes, I turned around and gave her a big smile and she smiled back at me. I continued to browse around, and once I saw the vape that I wanted, I asked her to please remove it from the display so that I could hold it in my hands.


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Ashley grabbed the key, and as she was unlocking the display window, she looked up at me and said in a quiet and rather shy tone – By the way, I know who you are. I was all like, you do? And she said …Ohhh yeah. I most definitely do – along with an innocent little giggle underneath her breath. I asked her – so who am I, sweetheart? And she said – Ray Edwards, the guy that has the True Amateur Models porn website

I mean, that was cool, and of course, I agreed that I was indeed Ray Edwards and I explained to her that I have had the site now for almost 20 years and that I have also worked for several production companies as their male talent for various websites and many different porn videos that have been produced by companies that have nothing to even do with the True Amateur Models website. I just work in the adult entertainment industry – and as a full-time career as well.

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We both discussed my job as a model photographer, as well as porn male talent, and then she told me that she has always wanted to be one of the amateur nude models on the True Amateur Models website! Hell, I just took a trip over to the local vape shop to have my vape replaced and I had absolutely no idea whatsoever that I would be speaking with a potential new model for the website. So, we discussed the shooting, and before I knew it, she was asking me when she could shoot for the website. I thought she was cute, and since I do specialize in shooting many different looks, I told her that I would be happy to schedule a modeling shoot with her.

Ashley came over to do her nude modeling shoot, and she did great at the amateur nude modeling, but as you can see, this cute Redhead babe wanted to do more than just nude modeling, so I had her lay across the bed so that I could eat and lick all over her pussy, just because I absolutely LOVE to eat the girls pussies and make them feel good, and of course, she gave me a blowjob and I also fucked her as well. So yeah, it looks like Ashley’s nude modeling shoot turned into a hardcore fuck shoot! It sure felt good PUMPING my throbbing cock deep inside of her tight pussy, and since she told me that she was on birth control, I just asked her – would it be cool if I just cum inside of your pussy?

It sure felt good to hold her tight in my arms and to stare down at her adorable face and deep into her beautiful eyes at the precise moment my cum was shooting out of my thick cock and DEEP inside of her warm pussy – and boy, I sure released a HUGE load too! Hell, she had to sit on the bed for literally a good 2 or 3 minutes – just so that she could try to push the cum out of her vagina for a nice creampie shot!


Do ya see what I mean? Ashley was finally able to push out the cum so that I could shoot some nice creampie pictures, and I am also planning on fucking her many more times, as well as capturing it all on video too, so be sure to watch out for the fuck vid – coming soon!



Nude Redhead Girl – Ashley from True Amateur Models

What’s up, everybody? My name is Ashley and I work as the manager at one of the local vape shops here in New Port Richey, Florida. I am 35 years old and I have never modeled nude before. I just work at the vape shop so that I can pay my rent and bills, as well as split the income with my husband. Yes. I am married, but my husband didn’t mind me doing the shoot because I really wanted to do it and he could tell how much it meant to me. He’s a very understanding guy and I suppose that’s why we’ve been able to stay married for so long.

True Amateur Models - Nude Redhead Girl Modeling Nude - Ashley

I noticed Ray Edwards – (Owner of the True Amateur Models website) – in the vape shop looking through the vapes the other day. We just had a new vape come in and he was interested in purchasing it, but he had a couple of questions about it so I was happy to assist him.

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It was near closing time, and nobody else was in the store, so we had plenty of time to talk to each other about the vape and about his website too! I like to look at porn on my laptop quite often, and as soon as I saw Ray Edwards walk through the door, I instantly recognized him from the True Amateur Models website! Ray and I discussed the vape, and after that, I started asking him questions about his website because I wanted to know if I could be a nude model on the website!

He told me that I have a look that would work well with the website and that if I wanted to do a photo shoot, he would be happy to schedule me to come in sometime to do my own nude modeling shoot! I had such a nice time at the shoot and Ray is a super friendly guy. There’s just something about him that made me feel very comfortable at the modeling shoot. I guess you would need to know him to be able to relate to where I am coming from, but it was a super fun shoot! I have masturbated at home on my laptop looking at Ray’s thick cock several times in the past, so it was an extra bonus for me to be able to get fucked after the modeling shoot!

I couldn’t believe that the same big cock that I had been masturbating to was literally inside my pussy, so that was quite interesting, and I even had 2 orgasms too! I hope that you all enjoy my nude modeling pictures, and be sure to watch out for my hardcore sex pictures too!

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Ray Edwards and Violet Spice from True Amateur Models

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My name is Violet Spice and I am 23 years old! Check out these high-resolution pics of me playing with a throbbing cock after my nude modeling shoot! My friend Jennifer called me the other day asking if I would like to go to a metal concert. Jennifer loves going to metal shows – and so do I too! We always have such a great time at the shows – and we even MOSH in the pit sometimes! She told me about a guy named Ray Edwards that plays the electric guitar and that he has played in several metal bands. I wanted to meet him because I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Jennifer told me that he would show me a few things on the guitar. She also told me about his amateur nude modeling site! Ray brought the guitar out and he told me that he would be happy to show me a few things. He has several guitars, but I really liked the white Flying V. guitar so I asked Jennifer if she could take a picture of Ray and me posing together with the guitar. When he was showing me the guitar chords, as well as explaining the different guitar-playing techniques, I kept thinking about the porn scenes that he does on the True Amateur Models site!

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I just finished up with the modeling shoot, and even though I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, with Ray sitting next to me on the bed and holding my hands to show me how to correctly play the guitar chords, as well as after I had just finished stripping down nude and getting into all these sexy nude poses, I was in the mood to hold something else in my hand! I asked Ray while he was teaching me the guitar chords if we could do some more shooting, but that I wanted him to shoot some pics of me giving a CFNM handjob! I mean, now that I have some nude modeling pics, it would be nice to have some pics of me stroking all over a hard cock – and might I add, I jerk cock very tightly too cause I just like doing it that way. I hope that you all enjoy my CFNM handjob porn pics – and be sure to check out my amateur nude modeling pics as well!

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Amateur Girl With Tie Dye T-shirt, Jackie Hoff, Pulls Down Pants To Expose Her All Natural And Beautiful Hairy Bush!

My name is Jackie Hoff and I am 23 years of age. I work as a salesperson over at a clothing store, but they recently cut my hours back, so I’ve been kinda bored just sitting around the house lately. The other day, I decided to go out and just look around the local department store. I just like to walk around stores and browse through the items that interest me, and it also gives me something to do with my time until I start attending college. While I was walking around the store the other day, I met this guy named Ray Edwards and he told me that he was a model photographer and someone that works in the porn industry.


So we continued talking with one another, and a bit later on, he asked me if I would ever consider doing a nude modeling shoot! I politely explained to him that even though it was flattering that he wanted to shoot me, I really didn’t know him, and to be quite honest, I just didn’t feel comfortable going off with a stranger to remove my clothing. However, once I found out about the actual site that he shoots for, True Amateur Models, I felt extremely comfortable.

In fact, I actually went from the store and followed him directly to the modeling shoot! The shoot was a lot of fun too, and not only that, but I also jerked Ray’s Edward’s dick! I don’t know. I mean, getting naked and spreading my legs put me in a sexual and horny mood, but I didn’t want to take things too far. You see, I am currently not on any form of birth control and the time wasn’t exactly the best time to have sexual intercourse. I wanted to have sex, and perhaps the next time I will be open to doing that because I am supposed to be getting the birth control shot soon.

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Happy Handjob Girl – Chloe Skyy and Ray Edwards – True Amateur Models

CFNM Handjob Porn Shoot With Chloe Skyy and Ray Edwards from True Amateur Models - New Port Richey Florida Porn Tampa Florida
Chloe Skyy Model and Ray Edwards from True Amateur Models – Chloe Showing How To Give A Handjob – Educational Porn For Women

Check out Chloe Skyy and Ray Edwards from True Amateur Models! Chloe did very well with the amateur nude modeling, and after I finished shooting the modeling pictures, she wanted to do another handjob scene! She played with my cock the last time we had a shoot, and she just wanted to squeeze and jerk on it again. You see, The thing is – Chloe thinks it’s so much fun to squeeze and rub all over my cock until the semen squirts out. I don’t know. I just remember her telling me at the shoot something about how it’s fun to watch the cum squirt out, and that it makes her feel good, or something along those lines. Of course, I would have fucked her pussy, but Chloe told me that she, unfortunately, isn’t on any form of birth control. It seems like most chicks are on it, but I do run across a few here and there that are not, so I am always careful when it comes to that.

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However, as you can see, Chloe did very well with jerking and squeezing all over that big, thick, and throbbing dick in front of her happy and smiling face! And when it came time to blow my load, I just jerked off and squirted a cumshot across her butt cheeks! I suppose I should have shot a load onto her smiling face, but if we hook back up again to shoot, I will ask her about giving her a cumshot facial.

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Hi guys! My name is Elana Bunzz and I am 28 years old. I live in Miami, Florida and my hobbies are reading books and I enjoy riding my bicycle in the mornings. It’s a great way to start off your day! I also enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with friends! We have been getting quite a bit of rain here in Florida over the last several days, and I remember just the other day, the sun was shining so bright so I figured I’d ask my friend if she would like to go to the beach!


My friend and I were both laying out when we noticed a guy walk by. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary about that, but the guy was looking at the both of us – and before I knew it, he was walking over towards the both of us! He just came right on over and sat down beside my friend and me while we were both laying out! I thought he was a good looking guy, and since he seemed nice, I really didn’t mind talking to him, but my friend has a boyfriend so she just kinda kept to herself. However, she still engaged in the conversation at times. The guy turned out to be Ray Edwards, the model photographer, and owner of the True Amateur Models site!


Ray asked me if I would ever consider participating in a nude modeling shoot – and I gladly accepted the invitation to become one of his models! However, as you can see in the last several pictures in this gallery, nude modeling wasn’t the only thing that I wanted to do. I told Ray while he was shooting the modeling pictures that I am also interested in doing porn scenes for the True Amateur Models site


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Check out this amateur girl modeling nude! I was at the grocery market the other day buying a few things for the week and guess who I bumped into? Jenny J. was standing in the line over at the deli section of the store, and as soon as I saw her, I walked over and said hello! Jenny is a sexy girl that I did a nude modeling shoot with a while back for the True Amateur Models nude modeling site, so she’s one of the amateur girls that are modeling nude on the site – and she has a lot of nude modeling pictures and videos too! When I saw her that day at the store, we talked for a while, and of course, she asked me if she could come back over to do some more nude modeling! Even though Jenny has nude modeling pictures on the site, it has been a few years since we last hooked up to do a nude modeling shoot so I figured it would be cool to get back together again to shoot some more nude modeling pictures!

Nude Modeling Shoot – Jenny J. from True Amateur Models
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I also shot a super high-definition handjob video of her too, and of course, the video quality is extremely nice! That’s the thing about the nude modeling site – True Amateur Models – the nude modeling pictures and modeling videos consist of real amateur girls, but they are shot with a camera that will deliver high-resolution modeling pictures instead of the small, blurry amateur porn pics that you so often see on other amateur porn sites. The nude modeling pictures below will enlarge to the size of – (2000×1500) – when clicked – and they are high-resolution modeling pictures, but on the other hand, high-resolution images that consist of very homemade and amateur nude girls!

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My name is Kyla and I am 20 years old. I had a lot of fun at the nude modeling shoot! This was also the only time that I’ve ever modeled nude, so I am a very amateur girl with absolutely no experience at all. The weather here in Tampa, Florida is pretty warm at this time of the year, so I decided to call my friend to see if she would like to go out and do something. We both planned on going to the beach and then we would go over to the shopping mall and do some shopping for a while.

The beach was a lot of fun, but after a few hours, I really wanted to go to the shopping mall. Once we arrived at the shopping mall, we started walking around – basically just hanging out. I wanted to go inside a particular store, but my friend told me that she’d rather wait out on the bench until I was finished browsing around. I looked around the store, and after about 15 minutes, I walked back out into the mall area to see my friend. I noticed that there was a guy talking to her.

That guy was Ray Edwards, the photographer and male performer for the True Amateur Models site, and once I found out what they were talking about, I was pretty surprised! He was talking to my friend about modeling nude, but she politely told him that she wasn’t interested because she is married. Ray totally respected the fact that she was married, but of course, that’s when he started talking to me about nude modeling – and he asked me if I would be interested. My friend just laughed and told me that I should try it out!

You see, the only reason why my friend didn’t do the nude modeling was that she’s married, but she actually kinda wanted to do it. I am a single chick, and doing a nude modeling shoot sounded like a super cool idea! Ray gave me his cell phone number and I called him the very next day to see about scheduling the modeling shoot!

One thing that I noticed about Ray was that he was super professional about everything and actually – a total gentleman. You would never guess that coming from a porn star guy that shoots nude girls, but he really did make me feel very comfortable, and to be completely honest, I would have never done it if he seemed like a creepy type of guy.

I sure hope that you all enjoy my amateur nude modeling pictures, and be sure to watch out for my nude modeling video coming soon too!



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Check out these super high-resolution and exclusive handjob pictures! The Redhead babe that you see down there stroking on that hard dick is 27 year old Violet! I came into contact with Violet over at the local post office the other day and spoke with her about becoming one of my amateur models. I just wanted to know if whether or not she would ever consider participating in a nude modeling shoot, and as you can see, she did a lot more than nude modeling! This Redhead babe also has a hairy pussy too, so for all of you guys out there that like a woman to be all natural down below, you should really enjoy the high-resolution modeling pictures of her. However, in this particular gallery, you will see her with a hard and throbbing dick in her hand!

Violet sure does know how to give a great handjob too! Hope you all enjoy watching this Tattooed and Redhead Metalhead babe give Ray Edwards from True Amateur Models a handjob – POV style, as well as receive a load of cum blown across her hairy pussy!

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This hot blonde girl from New Port Richey, Florida does not have any experience in nude modeling or porn shoots, but she sure did a great job at the amateur nude modeling shoot! However, in these particular pics, you will see Jenny Jett giving me a dick-jerking and cock squeezing handjob at this porn shoot! As far as how I established contact with this blonde amateur babe, Jenny and I met one another over at the gym one afternoon. I noticed this cute babe running beside me on the treadmill, so I spoke with her in regard to her participation in my nude modeling shoots! To make a long story short, she accepted the invitation to become one of my models, so now Jenny Jett is the 234th girl that I have shot over the last 18 years for the True Amateur Models website – and not only that, there is a WHOPPING AMOUNT of 250,000 high-resolution modeling and exclusive porn pictures – as well as over 100 HD videos in the members area – and all 100% amateur and exclusive content! Be sure to check out Jenny Jett’s True Amateur Models Profile to see ALL of the content that she has available on the site!

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I was actually a bit surprised at how quickly Jenny J. was ready to start stroking all over my dick at her nude modeling shoot, and I really had no idea whether or not she would be doing anything more than nude modeling. After she jerked on my dick for a while, I had Jenny lay on her stomach so that I could stare down at her ass, all while jerking my dick in order to blow a massive cumshot out of my hard cock and all across Jenny’s tiny and tanned ass cheeks! Hope that you all enjoy these high-res and exclusive porn pictures!

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Ray Edward’s Cumshot That Squirted And Splattered All Over Jenny’s Nice And Tanned Ass Cheeks, As Well As Her Back. – I mean, Hell – don’t ya think Jenny has a nice ass? I sure think so, personally. Nice enough for me to blow that HUGE fucking load all across her sweet and tiny butt cheeks. And let me tell ya – that HOT TAN really contributed a bit to that cumshot squirting out as far as it did. Perhaps the next time, it will be squirting INSIDE of her pussy. But yeah, Jenny’s just cool like that – always looking to have a good time! Hope that you all enjoy the pics!

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